Kate Plus Eight (Plus Todd Palin?)

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is reportedly ga-ga for Sarah Palin's man!

Well, it looks like Kate Gosselin is on the prowl, and rumor has it she's hungry for an entirely new type of man. Specifically, we hear she's got a hankering for a hunk like Todd Palin.

We can't blame Kate for trying to avoid the Ed Hardy-wearing, tattooed type after the disastrous and oh-so-public meltdown of her marriage to Jon Gosselin. And it makes sense that she'd go for strong and silent instead of blathering and self-absorbed this time around, but our first reaction was "Palins? Gosselins? Has the world turned into an Onion article after all?" Poor Kate Gosselin Hasn't Had Sex In 15 Months

According to Popeater, it all makes sense: Kate and her brood spent lots of time camping with the Palins recently for an upcoming episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska. You-Betcha, herself, taught the family to hunt and fish, which may not wind up being handy in Pennsylvanian suburbs but will probably make for good television.

The Palin and Gosselin matriarchs reportedly butted heads, which is no shocker, given that neither woman seem particularly skilled at sharing the limelight. The real surprise is Popeater's report that Kate and Todd Palin got along "extremely well." Their source outlines the many ways that Todd is a different breed from Kate's ex.

"He does exactly what he's told, is happy to stay home and look after the kids and is perfectly happy staying out of the spotlight. He's the opposite of [Kate's ex-husband] Jon and it also doesn't hurt that he is very good looking." Ooh la la. Is Kate Gosselin Looking Sexy For The Bodyguard?

While we're having tons of fun imagining longing glances over moose carcasses with "Jesse's Girl" playing in the background, no one's suggested that Kate wants the actual Todd Palin. It just sounds like she's realized that might be better matches for an spotlight-loving alpha female than a spotlight-loving alpha male.

We say "Go get 'em, tiger." Just don't go after Palin's man. That lady's got a gun.