Michael Lohan And Kate Major Are Engaged

Michael Lohan and Kate Major

Lindsay's dad and Jon Gosselin's ex plan to marry later this year.

Kate Major, the 27-year-old former Star reporter who quit her job after "falling for" tabloid fixture Jon Gosselin, confirmed to RadarOnline.com that she is engaged to Jon's ex-BFF, Michael Lohan. We're sure that getting a new stepmom who is only four years older than her won't mess up Lindsay Lohan more than she already is. What Is Going On With Lindsay Lohan?

Kate said she was "thrilled" and "surprised," but would not reveal specifics about the proposal. (But knowing Mr. Lohan, it probably involved a gumball machine ring and a lengthy legal document.) Kate did divulge that the happy couple flew to Florida to get her father's "blessing." That must have been interesting, considering that Michael, who's almost 50, can't be much older than Kate's dad. Wives of Older Husbands Die Younger

Radar reported that Michael sounded "giddy" when he spoke to them, stating, "With all the things I’ve been through this year with Lindsay and my past relationships and my heart attacks, Kate has always been there for me and has never given me any reason whatsoever to not trust her." Wow. Sounds like true love.

We're not sure when these two realized they were a match made in D-list heaven, but Kate claims that Michael "has been a rock" to her in the four years that they've known each other. During that time, Kate was best friends with Michael's then-fiancee, Erin Muller, and we all know about Michael's bromance with Kate's one-time fling, Jon. Michael and Jon were even pitching a reality series, but that fell through when the friendship did. Ah well. When one door closes, another opens. We expect to see Michael and Kate's ridonk E! show any day now. 5 Couples Destroyed By Reality TV

Photo via Getty Images, courtesy of RadarOnline.com.