Being a Single Mom After Divorce


An honest article about single motherhood after divorce from someone who did it successfully!

This will probably be the easiest article I've ever written and the only research and reference materials I need are right inside of my heart and my mind. I have three wonderful sons. If they were not the young men that they were, I would not be the woman that I am right now.

I thought that when I got married it would be forever. I envisioned a perfect little life with mother, father and children. Unfortunately, life often does not go the way we plan and I decided that divorce was my best option. Was it easy being a single mother? No, because the entire job of child-rearing was mine alone, as was the financial aspect. I had to be both a man and a woman and a mother and father. By the time, the father re-entered the picture, beyond paying child support, my sons were teens and their formative years had been mine to handle alone.

Being the mother of sons, I often wondered how I could, as a woman, teach three boys how to be men, but somehow I did it. I worked two jobs most of the time, purchased and maintained a home and completed college as a single mother. I could do this only because my older sons helped with the younger one and also because they were such good, trouble-free boys, who grew up to be decent men.

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