Unvarnished: Could This Site Could Ruin Your Life?

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New website Unvarnished is meant to host career reviews, but we fear the love life implications.

In a few months it's entirely possible one will be able to read all sorts of catty water-cooler gossip about everyone with a few curious clicks on Unvarnished.com. You can find out if your date next Friday has a reputation for stealing office supplies or ruthlessly backstabbing team members. Or perhaps, they left a string of broken hearts after years of coworker birthday parties gone wrong. We fear for relationship safety, too. Maybe, according to Unvarnished, your wife is (shhh) secretly diddling her boss. Who knows. Office Dating Rules You May Not Know

Unvarnished.com, a user-generated work review site that's still in beta, is kind of like the sleazy little sister to LinkedIn.com. The site aims to help out employers with written reviews of a person's actual performance on the job—something a resume and HR person can't tell you. It's a labyrinth of he said/she said whispers where just about anything goes. We can imagine it won't take long for enemy coworkers and jilted lovers alike to turn "reviews" into "slander." Frightening.

Sure, this has potential to work to a person's advantage (anybody can comment, just get all your friends write glowing reviews using words like "proactive" and "leadership") but more likely then not, this could be an obnoxious thorn in your career's side if office enemies say the wrong things. Unlike every other social networking site out there, once your Unvarnished profile is created it's impossible to delete. Which is ludicrious. Crazy. Absolutely insane. Deactivation is the saving grace of everything from Facebook to online dating—if you get tired of all the trolls, one click and poof, you're gone. Is Facebook Causing Us To Cheat?

So why would anybody willingly join this online tabloid for the workforce? Isn't office gossip painful enough the first time around without having to relive it all again? Syphilis From Facebook And 6 More Silly Sex Myths

Co-founder, Peter Kazanjy told TechCrunch.com that it isn't nearly as Wild West as it sounds. Moderators can delete comments that are outlandishly corrosive (accusing someone of homicide is used as an example) and you can comment on a negative review of yourself. OK. Fair enough—but who has time for internet fighting? 

While Kazanjy argues the site will help organize and refute the fact from fiction grapevine company gossip, frankly it just seems like an adult mudslinging center that will quickly lose all credibility. 

What do you think? Would you date someone who's earned a negative review on Unvarnished? Will Unvarnished become the next social network to undo happy marriages, a la Facebook? How To Spot A Facebook Cheater