Kate Gosselin Is 'Ready To Date,' But Who?

Kate Gosselin

Her performance on Dancing With The Stars may make it hard to find a date.

Kate Gosselin says she's ready to start dating again, but is anybody ready to start dating her?

"Hey, if anybody's out there brave enough or great enough, let's bring 'em on," said TLC star Kate said to RadarOnline.com right after last night's rhythmically-challenged Paparazzi routine on Dancing With The Stars, in which she was supposed to dance the story of her life.

And in a way she did: Tony Dovolani partnered as a paparazzo, but could have easily played ex-husband Jon Gosselin, a man cracking with resentment from that woman.

From her, what we got was an "odd, passionless, pedestrian Kate," a "super bitch from hell..." with a "face like thunder," said the judges.

We agree. Like them, her time on DWTS has reminded us of the woman behind the complete moral and psychological implosion that is Jon Gosselin. It isn't all his fault, we should remember.

Said Kate:

"I look at the paparazzi as just another piece of baggage, like why someone's never gonna wanna date me," Kate said. "I mean, let's think -- the girl with eight kids, and she had this reality show... Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're gonna go running.

"Hey, if anybody's out there brave enough or great enough, let’s bring 'em on," Kate said. "But I feel pretty safe saying that." [Source: RadarOnline.com]

Below, the routine in all its wondrous glory: