Do you know the Best Orgasmic Positions for Women?


Before I start telling you Tajahi’s Secrets, I just want to say thank you to all the ladies who are keeping the Tajahi Facebook page so HOT. We have had some really good short discussions this week and I have really enjoyed the sharing we have done…. THANKS!!!!

Ok with that said… this week I want to talk to you about sex positions that are conducive to female orgasm.

Having an orgasm has not always been an easy task for me to accomplish; often I would have sex and never even come close to reaching a climax. I realized that I had to be totally comfortable with myself, my man and have my mind right to climax during sex. It took a lot of trial and error but once we got there, man was it great. I decided to share some of the positions that have consistently allowed me to reach orgasm… remember that every woman is different and if you aren’t relaxed, comfortable and aroused, it won’t matter what position you do it in, your chances of reaching an orgasm will be slim. So, before you start be sure to get your mind right with these Pre Orgasmic Readiness Steps:

  1. Relax
  2. Clear your mind of all negative sexual thought
  3. Be comfortable with and love your body (poor body perception is a huge negative factor inhibiting orgasm)
  4. Know that you will have an orgasm (I am a strong believer in positive thought and speaking something into reality)
  5. Make sure you are totally aroused (if you aren’t aroused it will take you much longer to reach orgasm, if you do at all)

Rear Entry or Doggie Style Positions

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