Jesse James Skips Rehab Because Of Sandra's Prenup

Sandra Bullock prenup

Sandra Bullock's prenup says Jesse gets nothing if he cheats, so he dumped rehab early.

Jesse James spent barely a week in rehab, leaving the Sierra Tucson facility in Arizona last week when Sandra Bullock reportedly refused to take a phone call from him, and then returning to treatment on Sunday. Sources tell Radar Online that the prenuptial agreement Sandra and Jesse signed in 2005 says that he would get none of her money if they divorced and he'd cheated on her. much is that rehab facility per night?

Sandra has spent most of the past few weeks in her Hollywood Hills home, and though she has reportedly told Jesse she plans to divorce him, she has not yet filed the paperwork. "Right now Sandra is not thinking about the money," Radar's source said. "She's protected financially. She's just trying to deal with this mess." Is Cheating An Addiction?

Unfortunately the "mess" probably includes getting tested for every STD on the planet and a few that are only known to Captains Kirk and Jack Harkness, given that Jesse was allegedly having unprotected sex with multiple partners on that infamous couch in his West Coast Choppers office. Eeewwwww. On the one hand, we want to applaud Sandra for being so forward-thinking and grown-up as to protect her assets rather than get all swept up in romance—after all, the lady has a bunch of houses, a production company, and like seven three-legged dogs to think about. Prenup Dust Up Cancels Wedding Two Hours Before Start Time

And then there's this whole craze with people going to rehab for bad behavior. There was Isaiah Washington after he called a coworker a gay slur, then Charlie Sheen for being a general dickwad, then Tiger Woods and now Jesse. Perhaps our understanding of addiction is a bit simplistic, but we're pretty sure there's a difference between a sex addict and a dumb slut. Jesse seems like the latter, just going around effing up everyone's lives because he likes to bang strange. If anyone would like to enlighten us that shagging strippers at your place of business is a legitimate mental illness, please, by all means, expound at length.

Via Radar Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.