Taking Off Your Top To Prove A Point

topless woman

The nature of modern life sometimes requires women to remove their tops in protest, because nothing really irritates the average man more than an attractive young woman popping off her shirt. For this reason, a number of Air Comet hostesses in Spain have decided to doff their clothing in order to show their displeasure at not receiving upwards of nine months of back pay, in a move surprisingly similar to the plot of Calendar Girls (or a lady version of the film The Full Monty). Evidently, the airline had many of its aircraft impounded in the United Kingdom at the behest of a German bank to whom Air Comet owed much money. Being an airline and all, their main source of income involved the exchange of money for flying people places. So you can see how things would become problematic if aircrafts were confiscated. Happily, while Air Comet is now defunct, the nudie calendar should net these ladies some percentage of their lost pay. Read: Love in the Air: A Stewardess Falls Head Over Heel

Not to be outdone, dozens of women in Portland, Maine, recently took off their tops in protest. In protest of what? Evidently, the women were advocating equal opportunity shirtlessness. Per the Associated Press, female toplessness is not proscribed in Maine's largest city, so no arrests were made. It's not exactly clear if the operation was a success, or if anyone received some measure of comeuppance.

Let this be a lesson, ladies. If you have a complaint about anything, your last, best resort is to remove your top and just hope everything works itself out in the end. That's always been Erykah Badu's policy.

Anyone out there ever stripped for a really good cause?

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