Even dummies date!

Even dummies date!

I just found out there’s a “Dating for Dummies” book. There are so many books out there for dummies that I feel like an idiot for not having one. I’m lying. I have two – one on yoga and another on European history. I’ve read neither so that makes me a moron for wasting my money.


That said, apparently Dating for Dummies has been well received. Psychologist Joy  Browne covers a number of pertinent topics so that singles enjoy dating success. Everything both single men and single women need to know about dating is covered in this book from taking a personal inventory of who you are and what you want (the main focus of Debra Berndt’s book, Let Love In) to conducting dates as a relationship develops.  


She even tackles breaking up, sex, as well as disturbing but important subjects like rape and stalking. 


Anyway, I thought I’d pass that on even though I haven’t read it myself. There’s also an “Online Dating for Dummies” book that has good reviews but it was published in 2003. Online dating has changed significantly since then and it changes constantly. So, instead read my blog. You’ll get relevant, up-to-date information that’s free.

You can also find podcasts, online dating profile samples, as well as more blog posts at http://trysweettalk.com.


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