Meet The Staff: Executive VP Brett Shamosh


Executive Vice President Brett Shamosh makes things run smoothly.

We don't see a lot of of our Executive Vice President around the office (he telecommutes from home for part of the week, that lucky duck), but the ever-elusive Brett Shamosh has a lot going on behind the scenes. Allegedly (kidding!), he oversees all of YourTango's digital operations, including development, design, production and ad operations. And on top of all that, he also handles business development. So, basically, he makes sure that you have a site to look at, and that it looks pretty. Among other things.

How'd he get stuck with us? Brett is a graduate of Newhouse—Syracuse University, where he majored in Television, Radio and Film Production and minored in Marketing. After graduating, he got his start in TV, producing, shooting, writing and editing. He always had an affinity for tech so, as TV Production methods went digital, he developed a specialty for Media Asset Management. He's since been helping media companies create, manage and distribute digital content and applications for the past seven years. Unsurprisingly, he loves following emerging digital trends (could you tell?), and pretty much lives online.   

Brett is a family man, and has a 16-month-old-boy (such a cutie!) and a beautiful wife. He occasionally spends time with both them and his friends. But only when he's not online, obviously. He has a fondness for steak (he's apparently a total snob about it) and also loves Slush Puppies. We love him because he gets the job done.