Redbook Editor On How To Divorce With Respect

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Redbook editor Stacy Morrison's new book tells us how to divorce with respect.

If you've ever read her blog Something About Stacy, you know that Redbook magazine editor in chief Stacy Morrison likes to open up to her readers—whether it's over her addiction to perilously high heels ("four-inch minimum, every single day"), her fear of other bloggers ("They are all...oh, I don't know, much MORE than I am!"), or a "big Christmas whoopsie" involving a fully trimmed tree, a terrible tumble, and shards of sparkly glass all over her floor.

But her new memoir, Falling Apart in One Piece (just out in bookstores), is a true confessional in every sense: Subtitled "One optimist's journey through the hell of divorce," the book begins just as Morrison's marriage begins to end. One minute she's swishing arugula through the salad spinner, and the next she's hearing her husband say, simply, that he's done. Lemondrop: What You Learn When Your Parents' Marriage Sucks

"'I'm done with this,' he said, gesturing with his hand to encompass our living room, our kitchen, our home, our son, our future, our dreams, every single memory we'd ever made together in our thirteen years as a couple, and me, suddenly meaningless me," she writes. (You can read an excerpt here.) Lemondrop: Couples Happiest After 2 Years, 11 Months—And 8 Days—Of Marriage?

At the time, she was interviewing for the Redbook gig. Their son, Zack, was just a baby. Her beloved, just-bought Brooklyn home began springing leaks and flooding to almost Biblical proportions. And then there was the beach-house fire... the emergency-room visits... "Had someone sent me a short story with a heroine living the events that were unfolding in my life," Morrison says in her book," I would have rejected it for being facile and unbelievable."

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Written by Melissa Rose Bernardo for Lemondrop.