Tiger Woods Seeks Marriage Mulligan At Masters

2010 Masters Golf Tournament tiger woods mistress

Tiger Woods "Game Plan": Avoid mistresses, win tournament, renew marriage vows.

Today, in Augusta, Georgia, the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament begins*. So does the rest of Tiger Woods post-sex scandal life.

He is not without a game plan: 1) Avoid mistresses, 2) Win tournament, and 3) Renew marriage vows. It's a simple formula, but one that he and his handlers think is key to his personal and professional redemption.

"Tiger knows this will be the most important event of his life. If he has any chance of winning back his fans, and more importantly sponsors, he has to play his best game ever. Then, to strike while the iron is hot, he plans on renewing his wedding vows and finally putting a period at the end of this horrid sentence in his life," says an insider to PopEater's Rob Shuter.

But is this possible? One thing that Tiger Woods should have learned from this whole scandal is that he cannot manage people. Specifically, he should have learned that he cannot coerce the women in his life to be what he wants them to be, to feel what he wants them to feel, to look this way and act that.

What he should have learned about our gender is that we are autonomous from and unpredictable to his will. But has he?

His wife, or shall we say, the woman who is still married to him, Elin Nordegren, will not be on the sidelines, nor will even be in the state. Rumor has it that she is irked at his return to golf, believing that it is too soon. This makes us wonder: If she's not even willing to give him a goodbye and good luck, what's the likelihood that he can get her to stand with him on some seaside cliff reciting "till death do we part" again?

Perhaps that likelihood is indirectly proportional to the amount of sex scandal noise surrounding the tournament this week. Already we know that Joslyn James will be picketing the games, demanding an apology and passing out coupons for her forthcoming videos. Gloria Allred will be on hand with mistress media statements galore.

And there could be more. In fact, the Tiger Woods camp is anticipating that there will be more and so have gathered together a 90 man security detail to protect him from past sexual conquests. RadarOnline reports that this detail includes former Secret Service and FBI agents.

Really, kind of amazing when you think about it.

So, can he do it? Despite a public statement from a mistress or two, it is doubtful that any lady will be able to edge in on the golfer. He's also still favored to win the tournament 4-1. What's more, despite the icy relationship, it does in fact look like the Woods' marriage will survive.

Determination to succeed is something that Tiger has always had, and if he applies that same focus to his marriage rehabilitation seems within reach. Perhaps he has some advice for Jesse James.

*Well, pre-Tournament festivities begin. The actual game begins April 8th.