4 Ways Employers Could Help Our Relationships

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Love, Heartbreak

In an ideal world, our employers could help our relationships stay healthy and strong.

We'd much rather kvetch around the water cooler about our pitiful love lives then scan, staple and go to meetings. Easily. Yet we've so adapted to the stony nature of a deadline that taking a personal day (or even 20 minutes) due to a bad date or breakup seems arcane, childish and lazy.

But what if our employers catered to a shattered relationship like they did the flu? What if a philandering boyfriend or husband was treated like a heart attack, and your boss not only encouraged time off but shuddered at the thought of returning at less then 100 percent? Of course, this would never happen and, quite frankly, we're already ruined. Our American work ethic would shrivel up in guilt. But what if?

Here are 4 ways employers could help us live our best love lives:

1. Vacation. If your company doesn't offer a decent vacation package, that should definitely change. Vacation should also be used whenever desired. Nobody shoud have to settle for separate vacations from their significant other because a stubborn company wouldn't work with an employee in ensuring time off when desired. Likewise, companies should ensure employees actually take vacations. Happier employees equal better business, after all. Best Job Ever: Test-Driving Honeymoons

2. Date Night. Subsequently, employers should accomodate one date night a month. If you normally toil away until 8 or so, you should be able to leave by 6 and freshen up a bit. You don't want to be the one who always misses out on dinner because of work and has to settle on drinks (or nothing) instead. Saying "I have a date tonight at 7 and want to go home and shower first" is a completely reasonable excuse to leave work early. Right up there with a family emergency or illness. 7 Can't Miss First Date Questions

3. (Heart)sick Days. After a bad breakup, you should be alloted a day off from work. If you walked in on him sleeping with somebody else, two days. If that somebody else was your best friend, three days. If he turns out to be gay, a week off. While, yes, in an instance like this work my help get your mind off your messy love life, if the wound is super fresh you may not be able to work at full capacity. If you think about it, a broken heart is as disabling a massive fever or horrible cold. A recent Forbes piece indicates legislation might actually be moving businesses in this direction.

4. Personal Web Time. Everyone is allotted 30 minutes of personal computer time. Use it wisely. Whether it's to pay bills online (so you can help your honey with dinner when you get home) or update your online dating profile, allowing employees a limited amount of personal web time will probably mean less surfing during "work" time. Online Dating Coaches Help Us Maximize Our Upside