Did Britney's Boyfriend Hit Her?

Britney Spears

Despite the rumors, Britney Spears' manager says that Jason Trawick is innocent.

If there's one thing Britney Spears attracts, it's attention. Lately, it's been mostly the positive kind. Her dazzling comeback tour has convinced many fans that's she's back on top, and she's announced the 2011 release of a new album.

Her father's conservatorship was lifted in October, and things have been settling down for the troubled pop star. Her low-key, seemingly stable relationship with her ex-manager Jason Trawick has many wondering if Brit's finally found her happy ending. Britney Spears Fights With Beau, Chops Off Hair

This week, that fantasy has been challenged by allegations that things aren't sunshine and lollipops with Brit's boyfriend and ex-manager surfaced. The tabloid Star has reported that Trawick beats Spears and published a picture that appeared to be of Brit sporting a shiner. RadarOnline followed up the claims online and provided exclusive audio of conversations provided by Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander that supposedly contains Brit saying "Before or after he beat on me?" in response to one of Alexander's questions about Trawick.

Wait a second. Jason Alexander? The guy she was married to for like fifty-five hours in 2004? The guy who is so concerned that he felt obligated to "come forward" about Britney's nightmare to a gossip magazine?

This doesn't sound so much like a news report as an attention grab by a fameball, and Britney's camp is hitting back hard and fast. Brit's reps scoffed at the claims to Us.com, saying: "Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false and Star Magazine was informed of the falsity of this story before it was published.

They clarified that Spears and Alexander haven't spoken in years, and added: "The audio recording posted on Radaronline this morning purporting to be between Britney Spears and Jason Alexander is so obviously fake as to be laughable. Suffice it to say, that Jason Trawick has never laid a hand on Britney. They have defamed Britney Spears, and we will be taking appropriate legal action."

Well, they couldn't be clearer, could they? Their strong stance, coupled with the fact that the "shiner" pic looks like melted eye makeup, is enough to make our BS-detectors go off. Oh, and there's also a humorous "BS Alert" on Spears' website that makes it pretty clear that the allegations are false.

Brit's always been dogged by ugly rumors, and they mostly seem to come from the petty, opportunistic camp. (If you recall, a former bodyguard filed sexual harrassment charges against Spears after she fired him, but his claims seem outrageous, and we're willing to bet that Brit will come out on top in the trial.) Did Bitney Spears Sexually Harass Her Bodyguard?

Similarly, we're going to chalk this one up to a certain someone trying to extend their fifteen minutes. Lame, Alexander. Super lame.

And Brit, we're glad to see you keeping a cool head and defending your reputation and your man. We're hoping to hear wedding bells soon... maybe third time's a charm after all?

Photo Credit: INF