Snooping On Your S.O.? Be Prepared For What You Might Discover

Surprised woman with hands over mouth

7 surprises that playing detective could turn up.

#6 SNOOPING DISCOVERY: That he went a little wild when you were on a break.

A few years before my college girlfriend married her husband, they split up for about a week. The seven days was awful for both of them and when they just couldn't stand being apart a moment longer they reunited in a sea of tears and "Oh my god, I love you so much" proclamations. After some great makeup sex, my friend sat down to check her email on her boyfriend's computer and accidentally discovered—thanks to his email being open to a message he sent to a friend—that he had gone on an ecstasy bender with a prostitute three days into their split. Now, my friend wasn't snooping for information, but she certainly didn't close his email and, in fact, willingly kept reading the minute the words "ecstasy" and "hooker" jumped off the screen. Upon being confronted, my friend's now husband used the Ross-from-Friends defense—“We were on a break!”—and in the end, she didn't really have a reason to be mad so much as hurt. But she got over it and now they are very happy. The Frisky: Are You An Internet Snoop?


#7 SNOOPING DISCOVERY: That he's on meds.

I generally don't divulge to guys I'm dating that I take anti-anxiety meds and anti-ADD meds, but I don't hide it either. Should a fella spend the night and then get up in the morning to brush his teeth, he will see the prescription bottles for both in my medicine cabinet and if he can't hang with a chick who's on either, then he's probably a secret Scientologist and I don't want to be dating his Xenu-worshiping ass anyway. However, a friend of mine was dating a guy for about a month when she decided to look through his medicine cabinet (she turned on the shower to cover her tracks) and was dismayed to discover he had both Viagra and medicine for the management of schizophrenia. Poor dude hadn't mustered up the courage to tell her he was kind of crazeballs and that he had a hard time keeping it up. Knowing she wouldn't be able to feign surprise when he finally did tell her, she called things off. It was too bad—he was a nice guy.

SNOOPING VERDICT: Worth it, because chances are you'll find something far less worrisome than what my friend found. In fact, if you're lucky, you’ll find something fun, like Vicodin!

Written by Amelia McDonnell-Parry for The Frisky.

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