Snooping On Your S.O.? Be Prepared For What You Might Discover

Surprised woman with hands over mouth

7 surprises that playing detective could turn up.

Yeah, we know, snooping is wrong. It's unethical. It demonstrates a lack of respect and trust. But it's just so goddamn hard to resist! I'm a Scorpio, which means I am curious by nature (hence my career as a Super Serious Journalist), and I've never met a medicine cabinet or open email account that I didn't have the intense desire to peek at. For the most part, my snooping has resulted in a big fat wad of nothing, though one time I discovered a woman I was babysitting for was pregnant again before her husband knew. When it comes to significant others, snooping can be especially tempting, but the results of that clandestine investigating can be far more fruitful—and hurtful—than finding out the woman who pays you $10 an hour to watch TV with her toddler is about to add a screaming baby to the roster. Here are seven shocking things you may not want to find out about when snooping on your S.O. The Frisky: I Guessed My Girlfriend's Password And Have Been Reading All Her Email

#1 SNOOPING DISCOVERY: That he's cheating.

I didn't do much snooping on my ex prior to our breakup, but when we split seemingly out of nowhere and with little explanation, I was pleased to discover he hadn't bothered to change his email password. I found evidence that he was carrying on some sort of inappropriate relationship with his subordinate at work, and because it was something I suspected, I felt vindicated, but I didn't actually feel good. Still, knowing he wasn't invested in making us work made it much easier for me to move on.


#2 SNOOPING DISCOVERY: That he has strange sexual fetishes.

A friend of mine was dating a guy a few years ago and one day while he was at work, she discovered he had a pile of porn featuring women who were supposed to look incredibly young, including the series "Faces with Braces." Mind you, none of the women in the movies were underage, and he certainly wasn’t a pedophile who trolled Catholic junior high schools, but knowing he found girls with mouths full of metal hot made it hard for my friend to continue being hot for him. Their relationship fizzled and he never knew he had his innocent pile of porn to blame.

SNOOPING VERDICT: Probably not worth it.