Community: Using Technology To Strengthen Your Relationship

couple in bed with laptop

Modern techonology can provide couples with many innovative ways to say "I love you." In our personal relationship, we knew we wanted more attention from each other, so we mined the Internet for resources. We wanted to find a collection of creative ideas that would last us awhile, and that would satisfy our different needs. Over the course of our relationship, we've discovered that we experience caring in different ways. For example, my husband, Alfred, feels loved when the house is picked up or the kitchen is clean, and I feel loved when he reads me poetry. In looking for ways to strengthen our love, we found the following:

Find your "love button." What specifically ignites your love fire? Do you like to hear sweet nothings, get a foot rub or receive a love letter with a pressed flower inside? Are you auditory, kinesthetic, or visual? Each of you should list, on your own, 10 things that help you feel loved. Then, turn to Google for inspiration.

Use social network sites to flirt. We flirt with each other on Facebook. A great book on this topic—Facebook and Your Marriage, by Jason and Kelli Krafsky—was just released in March 2010.

Read inspiring quotes to each other. Use the Internet to find love quotes that inspire the both of you. Personalize your search to include humor, romance, history and even quotes by inspiring people like Shakespeare, Gandhi or Mother Teresa. We have collected some on our website, Loveland Relationship.

Search for marriage/relationship blogs. To keep up to date on all the latest relationship news, subscribe to relevant RSS feeds, or become a Facebook fan of some of the many wonderful organizations that are providing links to fantastic articles.