Would You Marry A Man With Two Months To Live?

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That's exactly what my sister-in-law did when she married my brother, Brett.

My younger brother Brett was originally diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 23, in June of 2009. Supposedly it is not a bad cancer to get, but unfortunately it had already spread to his abdomen, liver, lungs and neck by the time it was diagnosed.

He has gone through multiple surgeries, many rounds of chemo and radiation, and two bone marrow transplants, but it is such an aggressive cancer that they cannot stop it from spreading, and it is now huge in his lungs and brain. lemondrop: Thanks To A Risky Cancer Treatment, Her Dad Attended Her Wedding

He was told in June 2010 he would have just a year left, and now, because of the size of his brain tumors and rate of growth, the doctors estimate he has just two months left. But last Friday, he married the girl of his dreams. This is their story. lemondrop: What Dying Of Breast Cancer (At 26) Is Teaching Me About How To Live

Brett and his future bride, Laura, met in college and began dating in 2009. He was studying to be a doctor, and she is studying to be a nurse. He was diagnosed several weeks into their relationship, and the news was obviously devastating. Although he was told initially that testicular patients have a high survival rate, Brett was diagnosed with Stage III cancer, as it had already spread to his abdomen, liver, lungs and neck.

The diagnosis left him confused and scared, but also determined to do everything possible to beat it. The initial news brought him and Laura closer, but Brett also worried about what this information would mean for their young relationship. He did not want to cause her pain. He decided it would be best if they took things slow and not too seriously, while he focused on his treatments and recovery. lemondrop: The 25-Year-Old Girl Who Live-Blogged Her Death

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