Luv and online dating profiles.


A little
while ago, I noticed “truly hip” people (the quotation marks used here are
symbolic of dripping sarcasm) throwing around the expression I heart rather
than I love. Evidently, it was meant to be cute. As a writer, I found it
annoying. I’m fine with heart as a symbol for love. After all, who doesn’t like
the ads: I (heart symbol) New York. 
However, to use it instead of love in a sentence is as contrived as
putting little hearts or daisies over your i’s and j’s.


though I heart is no longer de rigueur (how’s that for contrived!), I now see
luv being used in place of love.


Today I
scanned three of the biggest dating sites:, Lavalife and Plenty of
Fish, and each one had a fair share of dating profiles that used luv instead of
love. I luv cycling. I luv toes. I luv taking a perfectly good four letter word
and turning it into a 3 letter word with one letter replaced by a phonetically
similar letter and I luv doing this for no good reason.


I don’t
understand. People are saving all of one character. Why not just write love
correctly? What’s the point of writing it as luv? The only thing I can figure
is that someone might be trying to attract illiterate singles, but even that
doesn’t make sense because an illiterate single wouldn’t be reading an online
dating profile.


of using a confusing element to your online dating profile. Be clear. If you
love baseball then write you love baseball, not you luv baseball. If you want
to exercise some license with language, do it with reason and/or cleverness. Be
fun; be clever, but don’t get too trendy. 
Luv is something that a high school junior might write. You risk
sounding contrived, juvenile and/or inarticulate.


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