I Was Almost A Social Media Junkie

man simultaneously on phone and computer

Is there a fine line between liking Facebook, and social media addiction?

Facebook is an acquired taste. Our company, the venerable YourTango.com, passed down an edict that every employee must have a Facebook account. I went on begrudgingly and used it sparingly and with gritted teeth. But then I found out that some of my buddies were on the 'book (as the kids call it) and I started enjoying that sucker. Sure, it's only marginally more convenient than email, but you can catch up with people and share with spectacularly low pressure, and there's really nothing to lose. Sure, I get some friend requests that I have to ignore, have heard horror stories of stalking/unfaithfulness/spank-banking and am terrified of being unfriended, but the whole thing is fairly benign.

Then the bigwigs at YourTango.com insisted we begin tweeting. Again, these dogs were a-draggin' when it came to embracing the new communication tool (this is a common theme for me: I didn't want a pager in high school, only got a car phone in college because there was no phone jack in my bedroom and held out for ages before turning my Nokia clamshell into an information phone). But then I started making friends on Twitter, and sometimes people I didn't know retweeted jokes, news or observations and I realized that I could get legitimately good information, laughs or insights on the human condition from other people. 21 Twitter Pick-Up Lines

A time emerged in which I decided that I, well, I loved social media. I'd think of something good enough to tweet while chatting up some broad. I'd check my Facebook whilst a date was powdering her nose. And I'd get a little twitchy seeing people update their Farmville or Mafia Wars statuses, knowing full well that I'd be lost to everything and everyone I'd ever loved if I started tilling a virtual plot or performing digital hits for an electronic Tony Soprano. Luckily, my iPhone sort of crapped out on me. My $1.99 third party Twitter app quit working. And some combination of neglected updates to my Facebook App and iPhone OS made Facebook inaccessible from my phone. And I had… peace.

Sure, when it comes to social media, I'm not really addicted (I can quit whenever I want) but, just to be sure I won't be walking around with a delicious bag of social media in the breast pocket of my coat…  Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk?