Links We Love: Best Marriage Blogs Ever

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Traditional Love is nominated for a blogging award. Plus, size does matter.

Traditional Love was nominated as a finalist, in The Marry Blogger's Top-Ten Marriage Blog awards. So head on over to The Marry Blog and vote for us. We are among some pretty awesome contenders, so this week's link round-up includes some of the best posts from the finalists and of course some zany marriage news, that I know you need.

Let's start with the zany. Apparently, a woman has been roaming the country, marrying men and then leaving them. She should call herself the Warren Jeffs avenger. [WAFB]

Keith Urban tells Oprah that his marriage to Nicole Kidman saved him. I'm pretty sure my husband would tell Oprah that our marriage just made him fat. [HuffPo]

A columnist argues that the people who need marriage most are the kids. [Boston Herald]

Now, onto the contenders. First up: Carin Goldstein talks about how to avoid walking on eggshells in your marriage. [The Smart Wife]

Shannon O ponders household chores and how they define our relationship roles. I wonder what it means that my chore is to shoot the groundhogs with a B.B. gun? [Confessions of a Loving WifeFighting Over The Little Things

The Pure Bed Blog tackles the issue of size in marriage and no, they don't mean grill size. Although, we do hear that the bigger the grill the smaller the man. [The Pure Bed Blog] Does Size Matter? And Other Sex Myths

An amazing story of marriage, divorce and remarriage and how one couple healed their marriage after an affair. [Intimacy in Marriage] Don't Believe The Naysayers: Why Marriage Will Always Be Relevant

I have a fridge magnet that reads, "Opposites attract and then drive each other crazy." Edward Stern talks about finding common ground. [She Just Got Married]

Brent on Great Date Spot argues that every marriage needs an advocate. Who's yours? [The Great Date Spot]

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