Why Do Women Love Guys With Dogs?

Buzz, Self

Dogs, they’re a mans best friend, but they can also be their worst enemy. Women happen to love our furry friends and often are attracted to men based on the type of dog they have. My question today is can a dog affect whether or not a woman will hook up with a man, regardless of his relationship status? I think that it can, and often times it does. I think that if a woman sees a man with an adorable dog or a dog that is hyper masculine like a pitbull, then she will be more attracted to him after the affair, because a dog says a lot about its owner. If the owner has a girlfriend, I think that the woman will be drawn to him because he is seen as having a sensitive, nurturing, caring side, much like when a male has a baby. I think in this case, a dog can be a mans best friend, or another mans worst enemy. What do you guys think?

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