Is Real Housewives' Nene Leakes Getting Divorced?

Nene Leakes

After this week's episode of the hit show, rumors are flying that her marriage may be over.

It looks like Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes is having marital troubles with her husband Gregg, which may mean divorce for the couple.

Here's how we understand it: After facing struggles with her husband all season, on Sunday night's episode, Nene visited a lawyer to talk about getting a divorce, a clear sign she was ready to put a stop to the drama.

Then, to add fuel to her already burning fire, Nene confronted her husband Gregg when she came home from work, after getting her hands on a transcript of a conversation Gregg had with a radio host. As part of the conversation, Gregg told the host that he'd given Nene $300,000 to start her career. According to People, Gregg said that "The fame got to her head. I'm asking for every dime of it back."

Way to throw your wife under the bus, Gregg. And she wasn't going to let it slide, either. In the clip on Bravo TV's website, Nene went off on her husband: "I've had had your back in so many situations, so many. I stood by you when you done me wrong as your wife. But you want to make other people think I done you wrong? I have never done you wrong EVER."

Hell hath no fury indeed. And, to really put her thoughts out there, Nene took to her blog on Bravo TV's site, saying that "Gregg and I have held it together for years, but my breaking point has come... Having that moment with Gregg was so much bigger than you saw. I was really hurting... My happiness and independence means everything to me, and I want to follow my heart, but I'm scared! I'm taking baby steps, but I hope I've been brave enough for all the women that couldn't!"

While it certainly sounds like Nene is ready for divorce court, it's unclear what will come next. But, now that the cat's out of the bag, the ball is in her court and we're sure Bravo will build it up nice and neat for viewers.

We are hoping that maybe pal Kim Zolciak can have some of her good luck rub off on Nene. Just recently we learned from Life & Syle that Kim is pregnant by boyfriend Kroy Biermann of the Atlanta Falcons. And, while rumors have been floating that Kim is also engaged, her rep told People Magazine that she's "definitely not engaged at this time." Sure, she's definitely hoping to marry her younger stud (Kim's 32 and Kroy's 25), but Kim's not in a rush to do it soon.

When it comes to Nene, we're sure the situation is far from over as she decides what it is she wants and we're sure she won't hesitate to be as vocal as she wants to be -- for Gregg or the millions of people watching.

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