Is John Mayer Stalking Eva Longoria?

Eva Longoria John Mayer

John has supposedly set his sights on the soon-to-be divorced actress. But will Eva fall for him?

Watch out, Eva Longoria! The ink’s not even dry on your court papers, but the vultures are already circling around your impending divorce to hubby Tony Parker. And the most aggressive by far: none other than singing slime ball John Mayer.

Getting flashbacks to his hot pursuit of Jessica Simpson as soon as the Newlyweds star went back on the market years ago? Yeah, so are we. A friend of John’s tells Rob Shuter of Popeater that "John is crazy about Eva," and goes on to gab that "There is something about newly-divorced ladies that drives him nuts."

Meanwhile, Eva’s camp is putting out a totally different vibe, more like "Stay away. Stay far far away." A friend of the Desperate Housewives star says "No way is Eva thinking of another man right now," and continues that "Mayer can send all the flowers in the world and even show up under her window with his guitar and it would make no difference." Which got us thinking what if…So Moonit’s seeing why John’s putting the full-court press on Eva and if they’ve got a shot in hell at coupledom some day.

According to their birth dates, Eva (born March 15, 1975) and John (born October 16, 1977) are not bad on the astrological front. In an alternate universe that allows these two to join forces, it would be like "walking on easy street" for them. Eva and John have the potential to be "quite the intimidating couple if they decide to get together." The "secret is that neither of them has to change their lives to be around the other," so there’s "no fighting over the DVR or who’s going to which family’s Thanksgiving next year." When they’re "around each other," it’s "almost never annoying," and "when they’re not physically together, they "always manage to stay on the same page somehow." And, to top it off, they’ve "got passion to spare and aren’t afraid of a little PDA." We shudder to picture that. Although John’s got "the tendency to blow a gasket," Eva’s "constant support and admiration prevent that from happening whenever she’s around." So guess we’ve gotta give it up to John: nice work scoping out your latest victim!

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