Love Bytes: What Your Mom Left Out Of The Sex Talk

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Heartbreak, Sex

Plus, Mindy McCready has a sex tape and how video games define sexiness.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

What your mom just happened to leave out of your middle school sex talk. [The Frisky]

Chatroulette proves that it's the hottest place to "meet" girls online. Jessica Alba, anyone? [Asylum]

Everyone has fetishes crawling just under the surface, from feet to handcuffs to centaurs. [College Candy]

From jiggling breasts to skin-tight leather suits, the female superheroes of video games teach one virgin what sexy is. [Em and Lo]

We all assume that strippers must be awesome in bed, but what is the secret to their success? Fortunately for us, one stripper shares her wisdom on good sex. [Nerve]

Professionals discuss the extremities of revenge sex and why it feels so darn good. [lemondrop]

Is friends with benefits a viable answer to being unable to have a serious relationship? [Yahoo Shine]

You know print media is on its way out when nobody wants to read about Mindy McCready's sex tape, Jesse James' Nazi salute, how Gerard Butler grabbed Jennifer Aniston's butt, and Ricky Martin's gay confession. [Huffington Post]

It's one thing when infidelity breaks up a marriage, but what about online pornography? [Double X]

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is crucial when you want to get your flirt on. [Marie Claire]