Online dating and pics with kids.

Online dating and pics with kids.

time I log onto an online dating site, I see a number of dating profiles that
feature the person’s child(ren) or grandchild(ren). This is especially true of
men’s profiles perhaps because women tend to have a more heightened sense of
what’s safe and what’s not. Hence, they rarely post photos of children on a
public website.


Maybe men
think pictures with children will make them look like “nice”, safe guys, which
is important in attracting women online.


the reasons, you should never post pictures of children on an online dating
site. It’s not safe. Even if you think only women are viewing your profile,
think again. Predators are everywhere.


If you
want women to know that you have children or that it’s okay for your online
love interest to have children, just say so.


If you’re
trying to show that you’re a nice guy then show it by posing with a warm
welcoming smile and follow up with a disarming dating profile.


your kids and grandkids out of it though. It’s not safe and it shows poor


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