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Infidelity, revenge sex and the real impact of porn.

OK, it's been a minute since we've done these, so we'll just dive in.

Em & Lo ( sound off on whether or not rehab can save Jesse James. Once a bank robber shot in the back by the coward Robert Ford, always a bank robber shot in the back by the coward Robert Ford.

You'd imagine that some amount of cheating rolls off of a first date, sense of urgency and all. The Frisky breaks down valid reasons to have first date sex. Infidelity didn't make the cut.

MomLogic wonders aloud "Why do moms sleep with married men?" My guess is that just because you're a mom doesn't make you anything less of a woman. A woman with needs. A woman with desires. A woman with passions. A woman who likes a slick-backed hairdo, a manly goatee and a fella who works with his hands. A woman who has been known to both model tattoos and be a tattooed model.

Periodically, when a relations ship goes south, feelings are hurt and in order to take these broken wings and learn to fly again, a person will resort to revenge sex. Lemondrop breaks down the phenomenon. I can get on board with revenge sex, but I refuse to be party to revenge HJs.  

Now the controversy, the guys over at Asylum references a study which suggests a decrease in sex crimes is directly related to the availability of pornography. That's gonna be divisive.

Over at National Review, they discuss the destructive nature of porn on families. If both articles are to be believed, we've a real Sophie's conundrum on hand. Read: Does Porn Stop People From Having Sex?

Happier news, BettyConfidential helps you determine if it's a booty call or he's digs ya. I suppose just because a guy is drunk and horny doesn't mean he doesn't think you're the girl for him, it's probably just that he's gotta get hammered to sleep with you. Good luck!

Over at Cosmopolitan, these masturbatory MacGyvers have a slideshow that will teach you how to make ordinary bedroom objects into sex toys. This is even more awesome than that college roommate who could turn literally anything into a bong. Read: The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Divine Caroline discusses the truth about reading a man's mind. Um, you can't, unless you're the Amazing Kreskin and in that case you'll get it right 4 out of 10 times.

You can figure out what someone's thinking by asking them. Nerve asks some redheads for sex advice. My advice: be careful, if you play with fire, you may get burned… from your crotch right to your very soul. Read: Redheads Need Love Too

Finally, the dudes at VerySmartBrothas discuss why you can be a good or great person and a terrible partner. Ok then, let's hear it for the guy's guy, especially if he can build you a custom motorcycle or lead the civil rights movement.

If you had to choose, would you rather be a great person or a good partner?

As always, leave links we should hit up.

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