Jason Lee's Ex-Wife On Scientology, Domestic Abuse

Jason Lee, Carmen Llywellyn

Carmen also had some things to say about certain famous CoS members, including Lisa Marie Presley, whom Carmen claims admitted to her that she divorced Michael Jackson because she "didn’t want him to be in the same room as" her kids.

But the most interesting tale is about CoS poster child Tom Cruise, whom Carmen met while he was still married to Nicole Kidman. Here, she describes a very bizarre meeting with the two: 

Jason and I were talking to Tom, and we told him that we went to the CoS center in LA. He said brightly, 'Oh yeah? Well, me and Nicole are Scientologists too! Right, Nic?' But she turned and gave Tom the most evil look. She stared at him for about 10 seconds, and Tom looked at her like he was throwing daggers with his eyes. I interpreted her look to mean, 'I am not a Scientologist, and I will not be a Scientologist.' She was clearly mad at Tom for saying she was. And the next thing you know, they’re getting a divorce!'...At the time, the word went around all the Scientologists that 'Nicole is an S.P. so Tom has to divorce her.' An S.P. is a Suppressive Person, which is CoS jargon for the devil. [Source: Celebitchy]

Carmen's stories aren't that hard to believe, considering all of the crazy stuff we've heard about the CoS over the years. But what about the allegations of domestic abuse? They are a little harder to swallow because Jason just seems so darn nice. Then again, in private, celebs aren't always who they appear to be in public. (We're looking at you, Jesse James. You too, Tiger.) And we wonder why Carmen would have gone to the Enquirer with such a big story, instead of a mag with a better rep, like People or Us Weekly. Maybe she did, but they think she's just a bitter ex? Or maybe they're afraid of Xenu's wrath? Who knows. But we'll definitely be watching this story for new developments.

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