Eva Longoria Denies Adoption Plans

Eva Longoria

The recently separated star won't be following in Sandra Bullock's steps and become a single mom.

She may play a self-centered drama queen on television, but Eva Longoria is acting awfully down to earth following the real life bust-up of her marriage this month.

In headlines that could easily be cribbed from Desperate Housewives, Longoria, 35, has confirmed that she's split from cutie patootie sports star Tony Parker, 28. (Sadly, it seems like the cute stops with Parker's face, since his actions are anything but.) The Daily News reported that Longoria had found hundreds of personal text messages to another woman on Tony's phone, and she confirmed the rumors to her good friend, and Extra host Mario Lopez. But the drama doesn't stop there... apparently the texts were from Tony's teammate Brent Barry's wife, Erin. Worse still, a teenaged British model came forward last week with more allegations of Tony's bad behavior. Tony Parker Caught Sexting British Model

Longoria filed for divorce several weeks ago, citing irreconcilable differences, and she seems to be handling her broken heart with class. (The Screw You Tony Shiny Hair Couture Tour seems to be going off without a hitch.) We wish the tabs would just let her move on quietly, but sadly, when you've got the kind of star power she does, it just doesn't happen that way.

No doubt inspired by Sandra Bullock's post-separation adoption, Britain's Daily Mail leaked the bit of gossip that Eva was "desperate" to adopt a Haitian baby in the wake of her split from Tony. Friends of Longoria's have quickly stepped up to squash that rumor.

"She's not focusing on motherhood," one friend tells The Daily News, adding that Eva is "spending time with her family, lawyers and her special-needs sister," Elizabeth Judina. "She's not in the emotional state to become a mother right now. She just filed for divorce." How I Knew Eva Longoria Would Be Divorced

Photo Credit: INF

We have to say that we approve. We know Bullock's adoption was well underway by the time she and Jesse James split in last year's ugliest (and most tattoo-riddled) infidelity scandal. It makes sense that she followed it through as a single parent. But we'd hate to see "post-divorce adoption" become the new celebrity trend. Getting an adorable little dog because you're lonely is one thing... getting an adorable little human being is entirely another!