Why One Newlywed Wants To Have An Affair

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Love, Heartbreak

Too soon to have an affair? What drove this newlywed to join Ashley Madison.

Meet the new all-American cheaters—and we're not talking Tiger. In fact, we're not talking about men at all. When we interviewed the founder of Ashley Madison to find out what would make someone create a site to help people cheat in the first place, nothing he said shocked us quite as much as who he told us we would find on there.

The fastest-growing segment on the Web site, which now boasts over 5 million members, said Noel Biderman, is newlywed women. Specifically, those who had been married for less than three years. And he's not the only one these days to claim that we're equally likely to stray: Recent surveys show that if you're under 40, adultery rates are the same for men and women.

But what would possess a newlywed, in particular, to cheat? Rather than speculate, we decided to ask one: Melanie*, 31, signed up on Ashley Madison before she and her husband had even celebrated their second wedding anniversary. After the jump, read her brutally honest explanation of what possessed her—and still does. Lemondrop: Ahley Madison—Is Advertising Adultery That Bad?

I'm 31 years old and a journalist living in Los Angeles. I met my husband five years ago at a party—we were introduced by mutual friends. The chemistry between us was instantaneous: He was different from anyone I'd ever dated, physically and personality-wise. Jason* is very strong, charismatic and business-minded. Before, I'd always gravitated to guys who were more like me: cerebral and creative.

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Written by Lemondrop Staff.

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