Tips To Travel Happy As A Couple

traveling as a couple

Tips to travel happy as couple, even when your vacation ideas don't match.

Second only to his inexplicable ardor for overhead lighting, my boyfriend Spyro's extreme loathing for travel is probably our number-one topic of, uh, discussion. The Frisky: Fight Or Flight?

I love to travel and I'm not picky—I'll go pretty much anywhere my credit cards can afford to take me. Once I decide where I'm going, I carefully research the best deals, amp up my excitement with guidebooks and daily Internet searches, and so by the day I split town, I'm in a happy tizzy. I carefully pack the night before and make sure I'm at the airport two hours ahead of time so I can get in a quick pre-boarding glass of wine and maybe a little duty-free shopping. The Frisky: Road Trip Essentials So You And Your Man Don't Break Down Or Break Up

My man has the opposite reaction to going anywhere not reachable by subway. When he's forced to travel, getting there is a frenzy of profanity, packing and more profanity. He bolts out of bed, throws a bunch of stuff into a suitcase, and howls he can't find his toothbrush and sprints out the door. Once he even landed in Chicago wearing two different shoes. I understand that at 6' 5", flying coach is akin to torture, but the pay-off is worth it. He disagrees. The Frisky: Travel Tips For Deciding To Visit Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

So after six years of togetherness, I tend to either travel by my lonesome or extend the rare trips we take together for a few days after he's gone. But this year, the radio station I work for surprised me with two tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. or Caribbean, so I let him choose. He likes the beach, so we're going to Puerto Rico in a couple weeks. As I feared, the bitching has already begun. MERRIme, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating