Pink May Name Her Baby After Whiskey

Pink and Carey Hart

The pregnant singer is a fan of original baby names and Irish liquor.

Pregnant Pink has to remain "sober" for the next few months, but that hasn't stopped the pop star from potentially naming her baby after her favorite brand of whiskey, Jameson. 

In her eyes, the singer's name choice seems the perfect pick for her unborn child. Pink and Carey Hart are Expecting a Baby

"My dad's name is James, and my brother's name is Jason," Pink said during an interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood (via "[Husband Carey Hart and I] are both Irish, Carey's middle name is Jason, [and] Jameson -- we like whiskey. That's a no brainer."

Even so, Pink's husband, Carey Hart, who grew up with a "girl's name" is less sure of the decision. 

"I have to get him on the boat for originality, so I'm working on him," she said.

While we sympathize with the motorcycle racer's childhood trauma, Jameson seems a safer choice than "Carey." And honestly, will any sane child pick on the son of Pink and Carey Hart? We would, however, advise against naming a girl "Tequila" (sorry Tila). Tila Tequila Unshockingly Turns to Porn