Fantasies Cn Sometimes Become a Reality, But You Need o Watch Who


Girl fulfills fantasy by sleeping with a member of her favorite band. Only problem is her boyfriend

My favorite band played at a local venue I regularly attend. I took a multitude of photos during the show. That caught the guitarist's attention and he approached me after the show. He ended up being a really laid back guy. We became friends, despite the 10 year age difference. I'm 18 and he's 28. After talking for a long time over a few weeks, he decided to come over and hang out. As we were talking and relaxing, in close quarters, things got pretty heated. In my life, I have never encountered such a passionate lover. Now given I am young, and probably more naive than I'd like to be, but I'm pretty sure sex for me will never be as good. At the time of all this my ,then, boyfriend had trapped me in a relationship I didn't want to be in, for I was in love with someone else.

Reason: At that time I was doing anything I could to rebel against my boyfriend. He had me trapped. The guitarist talked to me about it and helped me realize that if I was sleeping with him, what kind of 'relationship' was I actually in? I later broke it off with my boyfriend. It was extremely difficult.

by TheGambler

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