Holiday Blues


The holidays is a time where we are most lonely

I had the privilege of watching the new play by Mr. Tyler Perry himself called "Madeas Big Happy Family Reunion. Let me just say that if you have not watched it yet, please get yourself a copy of it and watch it. I won't give away the movie but I am going to touch on something that he bought up in the movie. It is something that we women do all the time and most of the time we do it and not even think twice about it. I want you to think afterwards if it hurts or helps you.

     You know I speak mostly on being single and loving yourself, however I am not dumb to the fact that even though we are single and may be loving it that we still get lonely. YES, I said it, we do get lonely. I know for all of you STRONG, INDEPENDENT woman that may be a tough pill to follow. Yes even you get lonely, there is nothing wrong with wanting to love and affection of a man or just to be in the presence of one.

     Being lonely can create a bad situation. See it is the dawn of the holidays and it is around this time of the year that Mr. Lonely comes creeping up on us. Mr. Lonely has the ability to bring back memories of that one that you were trying to forget. Now any other time it is ok, you can hide those feelings and wants away. But during the holidays being lonely can get to you. Each day those urges get stronger and stronger and pretty soon your focus is out the window. Your next step is to call OL' FAITHFUL. Yes, we have all had one, you know that one that will answer the phone and tell you exactly what you want to hear and convince you that you should be there with him. He has spit a game so tight that our heads turned and we did not even notice. Y'all know what I am saying....we have all made the call. It;s ok to make the call, just know that with that phone call comes consequences.

     Now that you have made the call, you find yourself spending what you think is quality time with him, and you go back to thinking that maybe, just maybe this has a chance to work. You start to see where you went wrong the first time and you try to fix what was wrong. OK....STOP!!!!!

     Girl he has you in a weak state which is being lonely. If you have already started to call Mr. Ol' Faithful, please put the phone down, go get dressed, call up your girls and go have dinner. There is a reason his first name is Ol', it is because he is old news. But you see how easy that went. Now what man is going to turn down a good deal. He is probably saying to himself " Yea, I knew she would come around, I was the best thing that happened to her." Do not give him the satisfaction. Girl I am here to tell you that you can do better than Mr. Ol' Faithful. Instead of getting caught in his web of lies, go out with some friends laugh and talk to get your mind right so that you can remain focused. If you are not together then it is for a reason, if you are focused and you know what you are looking for do not ever settle for less than that!


Until next time,

Single and Sassy