Best Job Ever: Honeymoon Tester-Outer

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What would you do with a 6-month post-wedding vacation?

The gang over at CNN has a newsflash for you. They've discovered what may be the greatest job of all time: honeymoon tester. It used to be that men thought bikini inspector was a pretty solid gig and, I assume, most ladies have at one time considered private shopper as an ideal gig. But those crappy sinecures totally eat this job's dust. 

An Irish travel agency,, is looking for one lucky couple to spend six months checking out honeymoon locales in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. In addition to the months of pampering, obliviousness to the future hardships and absurd amounts of sex, the couple will also pocket a cool $27K (which, unless I'm missing something, may make it a tough sell for people with jobs and pets and mortgages). All the couple has to do is write about their, fingers crossed, debauchery in a blog a few times per week and check in with The Irish Times on occasion (and talk up the Emerald Isle where applicable, which can't be hard). Read: Recession-Friendly Honeymoons

Evidently, this kind of gig isn't easy to come by as many, many pairs have applied for it (and you can too, up until the 7th of April at Personally, I wouldn't mind a six-month honeymoon tour of luxurious resorts across four of the seven handsomest continents on Earth, but wouldn't all of the hedonism eventually make regular life seem a little coarse and boring? It would be like watching nothing but gonzo porn in which people with comic book-esque bodies allow each other to do really degrading things and then trying to date regular people with shame and feelings and conventionally-sized body parts. Read: The World's Longest Honeymoon

Speaking of awesome jobs, our buddies at Asylum have a feature of an awesome lady doing a cool job.

Hmm, a lot of these sweet jobs involve blogging. I should get into that. See below for the video.