The Best Parts Of Vanity Fair's Tiger Woods Expose

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Apparently, Michael Jordan peer-pressured Tiger Woods to do the things he did.

And you thought you knew it all. This month's Vanity Fair — on newsstands now — has an article entitled "The Temptations of Tiger Woods," in which four more of his mistresses come forward with their story. Tiger Woods Mistress Devon James Comes Forward

While the spread may be classier than, the details aren't. Once again, the public (not to mention poor Elin) is confronted with a self-absorbed, over-sexed, borderline sociopath who had no problem talking causally about his wife's vacation plans while doing the sex with mistress of the day in the family kitchen, garage, bedroom, you name it. 6 Things We Learn About Tiger Woods From His Sexts

Below, the best parts so far to have leaked:

The golfer's need for sex was so insatiable that he had sex girls on demand.

Tiger had such an insatiable sexual appetite that he would often dial up "matchmaker" Michelle Braun and demand that she send over women the same day. "He'd say, 'Hey, it's Tiger. I'm going up to LA for a meeting. You got anybody in Orange County today?' [Page Six]

Perkins' waitress Mindy Lawton describes a cheap, tactless man.

With many of his mistresses, Woods was allegedly exceedingly cheap. Mindy Lawton says the only thing he ever bought for her was a chicken wrap from Subway (he was stopping there on his way to meet her). Tiger and his mistress Jamie Jungers broke it off, according to Jungers, because he refused to help her financially.

Lawton said her co-workers hated Tiger because he'd leave them only a 15 percent tip on his AmEx black card. [Vanity Fair]

Who, Elin? We've got a good marriage.

...the golfer played around so much on his wife that it appeared he eventually had no guilt about cheating, one of his gal pals said.
Jungers said she first slept with Woods in 2005 at his Las Vegas suite. After doing the deed, Jungers said, she asked him, "You're married, right?"
"Well, how's your marriage?"
"Where's she now?"
"In Sweden with her sister." [Page Six]

Tiger Woods' lawyer John Merchant wants to blame it on the basketball players.

"I told him, 'Stay away from that son of a bitch [Jordan], because he doesn't have anything to offer to the f- - -ing world in which he lives except playing basketball, which he did yesterday.' " [Page Six]

It was a used tampon that gave the National Enquirer the evidence in need.

Mindy Lawton says she met Woods for one rendezvous at 5:30 in the morning, before he had to leave for a golf tournament. Although she was menstruating, he insisted on having sex with her, but when the key card to access his office didn't work, he drove to a nearby parking lot, where they had sex in his car. After they left, Lawton claims, reporters from The National Enquirer, who had been following her, picked up the tampon she had dropped in the parking lot, and later threatened to use it as part of a story exposing Woods's infidelity. When the tabloid contacted one of Lawton's relatives, Lawton texted Tiger in a panic, and he put her in touch with Mark Steinberg. "That's when their brush-under-the-rug, the cover-up, happened," Lawton says, referring to a deal that the Enquirer allegedly made with Tiger's handlers to hold the adultery story in exchange for Woods's giving an exclusive interview to its sister publication Men's Fitness. (A spokesperson for The National Enquirer denies that the paper held the Lawton story in exchange for an exclusive on Tiger.) [Vanity Fair]

Scoop via Page Six, Celebitchy. Photo via Vanity Fair.