Jude Law Worried About Sadie Frost's Tell-All Book

Sadie Frost, Jude Law

Jude frets that his ex-wife may reveal damaging details about him in her autobiography.

Jude Law and ex-wife Sadie Frost have maintained a very friendly relationship in the six years since their divorce, but Jude is reportedly upset over her latest project: a tell-all memoir. Sadie signed a deal late last year and has been working on her autobiography since Christmas, sending Jude and others close to her into a panic.

Apparently, Sadie's publisher is pressuring her to include "juicy revelations" in the book—dirty little secrets that could affect her first husband, Gary Kemp of '80s band Spandau Ballet, second husband Jude, Jude's ladlylove Sienna Miller, and members of Sadie's old party crew, London's infamous "Primrose Hill Posse," which included supermodel Kate Moss. Sienna Miller Vs. Kate Moss

Although sources close to Sadie say that the book will focus on her life rather than those of her exes, family and friends, we have to wonder how many people would really plunk down $20 - $30 to read about a party girl actress-turned-fashion designer, especially here in the States where she's relatively unknown. Jude is probably right to be worried!

'Jude has told Sadie that he wants to know exactly what is written about him,' says a source. 'He is very worried that some of the revelations could be damaging to his career and upsetting for their children when they are old enough to read it.' [Source: Daily Mail]

Jude is so concerned about what dirt might be dug up on him that he is seeking advice from Sienna's lawyers. But we can't imagine what Sadie could reveal about her ex that would really hurt Jude's career. If the guy is still working and women still love him after he had an affair with his nanny and ignored his love child, we think he'll probably be OK. 6 Men We'd Enroll In Tool Academy

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