Football Wives' Pilar Sanders Not Your Average Reality TV Star

Pilar Sanders of VH1's Football Wives
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You won't see any reality TV antics from Deion Sanders' wife, Football Wives star Pilar Sanders.

How much does he appear in the show with you?

He's in there quite a bit, but he's not there 100 percent of the time, which was fine. If anyone knows Deion, he doesn't bide his time. He wasn't getting a paycheck, so he wasn't trying to be there the whole time.

You seem to be a person of very strong faith. How is that part of your life and marriage and how do you try to convey that for viewers?

I wouldn't be able to operate without Christ in my life, keeping me down to earth and honed in. It's part of who I am, so it's not something that I hide in the show. It's where my peace comes from in dealing with any situation. You will definitely, definitely see it in operation full force in some of the episodes. With relationship to my husband and family, it's the glue that keeps us together without a shadow of a doubt. It's how we live 100 percent of the time. It's where we get our strength and wisdom from.

Do you feel that's central to how you've lasted 12 years in a high profile relationship—two people who have ambitions and not the most conventional of lifestyles?

That is the reason we are still here without a doubt. Things happen in life and we don't always agree on things. We have some really strong disagreements in life. When he can't get his way and I can't get mine, who do you go to? When I'm furious at him, it's not like I can run to his mom and say, "You need to straighten him out." I need to go to something that's much stronger and bigger than the both of us. That's the one thing that we definitely share—the ability to go to God. Twelve years and counting. That will always make the way. Finding Religion After Finding The One

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