Online dating and having standards.

Online dating and having standards.

I scan
online dating profiles all the time. What I keep noticing is that a lot of
single men and women don’t ask for much.


Do these
sound familiar:  “looking for a
good woman”, “looking for an honest man”?


Being a
good person and being honest are basics. These are qualities everyone should
have and should expect from others. I point these two out as examples that
reflect my general observation - people need to raise their standards. In fact,
they need to raise their own self-worth by expecting more for themselves.


A lot of
the qualities people look for are not much more than just basic decency.
Decency is good but it’s not good enough.


addition, not having those basics should be deal breakers. My suggestion is
that you take a closer look at what qualities you have, as well as what you
expect from yourself, then make sure that others measure up to what you have to


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