Overly Feminine Women And Why You Would Consder Cheating


"Every guy wants his girlfriend to exhibit a certain amount of typically feminine qualities. But what happens when your girlfriend is overly feminine to the point where it becomes a problem? They begin to embody all the stereotypical qualities that women are said to have that annoy men everywhere. What if your girlfriend is this stereotypical female who overreacts about everything, cries at the sight of bugs, is incredible jealous, constantly accuses you of thinking about cheating, etc? Do you try and talk to her or just break up with her? Or if you aren’t breaking up with her do you cheat on her in an effort to get some release from your life? I’m never one to advocate cheating on your girlfriend and I think in this case when shes so overly sensitive it might really adversely affect her, more than it would any normal woman. My advice would probably be to talk to her and ask her to lighten up and if that doesn’t work then break up with her. What do you all think?"

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