Is Levi Johnston Playing Mind Games With Palin?

Levi Johnston bristol palin sarah palin

Levi rekindles friendship with Bristol Palin while talking smack about her mother's reality show.

Does anybody else think that there's sexual tension between Levi and Sarah Palin? I mean, come on: the games they play with each other, the PR tit for tat... where is all the emotion coming from?

Anyway, the latest has it that Levi Johnston and Palin the Younger, aka baby momma Bristol, are on the mend. Bristol Palin Sues Levi Johnston For Custody

"Bristol and I have gotten better,"the Playgirl star said to "We're developing a friendship again; a little bit of trust going on, so it's making things a lot easier."

That said, he has nothing but fighting words for Palin the Elder, tea party temptress and inspired vision behind the TLC documentary Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Levi, who has his own television series Levi Johnston's Final Frontier to promote, has this to say: "Think about switching the channel over to [my show]. Because mine is the real Alaska." Levi Johnston Hides His Moose Nugget In Playgirl

Bust. You. Out.