Be A Family Woman! 10 Gifts His Clan Will Love

Couple snow Christmas gifts
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Buying gifts for his family? Here are 10 great, affordable ideas.

8. His mischievous nephew. Your man's nephew is sure to enjoy the Spy Gear Laser Tripwire. Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like. The spy-in-the-making can arrange the two pods across the doorway of his room, treehouse or anywhere else, and an alarm will go off if anyone tries to pass through. This gift may not win points with his parents, but the little guy will love you for helping him keep sister out of his space. (shopwildplanet.com, $24.95)

9. His gadget-obsessed uncle. Uncle Dan always has a new toy you've never heard of. One thing you do know: he doesn't like to disconnect. Give him the MileHigh Charger (no, it's not as dirty as it sounds) and he'll never have to. This charger runs on AA batteries and works with just about any brand of phone, so he'll never be unplugged. (mile-high.net, $22.50)

10. His party-throwing aunt. His aunt's soirees are the kind you never want to miss. You wish you could cook like her, and she even makes setting the table seem like fun. These adorable wine glasses will be just her thing. Wine charms have pretty much run their course, but these colorful glasses each have their own design, so guests will always know which glass is theirs. Plus they add an air of old-world charm that just might get you an invite for some homemade pasta. (fishseddy.com, $33)