Best Of The Web: Jive Turkey Days


Reasons to be thankful and not ruining Thanksgiving.

It's Thanksgiving Eve and that means it's time to eat some turkey, watch some football and start thinking about shopping. As you likely know, Thanksgiving is the celebration of the founding of Macy's and a the Native American tradition of being uncomfortable around loved ones or the loved ones of loved ones. Ancient, all of it. Here's some stuff to get you through the Tryptophan, the Dallas Cowboys and relative who "usually doesn't drink."

Sadly, some of us won't be able to make it back to the family farm this year. Bad Online Dates has a treatise on spending Thanksgiving by your lonesome.

The home office, your friendly neighborhood YourTango, has six tips for reducing holiday agita (I'll give you agita!). Good tips for any family gathering. Particularly ones that involve decorations and copious amounts of food.

Hendrie Weisinger, writing for the venerable Huffington Post, has a deeper glance at fighting family gathering anxiety. I could have used this before I poured my sister's disgusting "lite" gravy all over her daughter's bedspread.

Speaking of things you really shouldn't do, The Frisky has checklist of ten pretty basic holiday with his family faux pas to avoid. Somehow "letting a huge belch to let everyone know you're done" didn't make the list.

The crew at Lemondrop does not like to be put in a corner, not booze-browed. They have a handy-dandy list of how NOT to get caught sitting next to the holiday booze-bag. I'd consider the kids table.

Remember, In Vino Veritas. The team at Glo knows the phrase well and a few tipples of cooking sherry may have your MIL (mother-in-law) in your grill for real because there are a few things she wants to tell you.

And MILs have got to be the alpha and the omega of many a Thanksgiving horror story. If you have a good one, Gawker would love to hear it.

And sometimes the nightmare is in the asking. Em & Lo ( ask their man panel when it's appropriate to invite a fellow home for Thanksgiving. I'd say 6-months if your mom is a marvelous cook and 2 years if she's not.

Sometimes, even travel that is highly anticipated still sends a shiver down a man's spine. The Good Men Project has a great story of pre-travel anxiety.

And my pal Simone Grant has a little advice about lipstick and always looking sharp because you never know who might bump into anywhere.

And Asylum has something to be grateful for: that you haven't sunk every last penny into a thing called "Pole Dancer Magazine" or had your daughter grace its cover. 

My buddy JackFromBrooklyn has a very thoughtful piece on the difference between compromise and settling. I prefer you call it dressing, I'll compromise that you call it stuffing but I will never settle for you calling it trimming.

And, finally, Guyism has a list of 50 things every dude should be able to do and it felt appropriate because it includes deep-frying a turkey. Be careful with that one, it could burn down your house and/or make your neighbors think you're a red neck.


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