Teri Hatcher To Become Oprah Of Web?

teri hatcher launches website

Teri Hatcher has been tapped by Disney to host a new women's website. Will she be the next Oprah?

Dear Overcrowded Women's Media Market: make room for Teri Hatcher! Teri Hatcher Stole the Show at Longoria's Nuptials

The marketing geniuses over at Disney have decided that none other then Susan Mayer of Desperate Housewives should act as editor-in-chief of a woman's website geared toward young, impressionable ladies looking to come out aces in the cooking, cohabiting and wifery departments. The site—GetHatched.com, A Chick's Guide To Life—will launch in May. The site will give readers useful tips and include a web series where Hatcher has guests (not all celebrities) who will offer advice on various topics ranging from health, design, beauty and parenting. Celeb Relationship Resolutions For 2010

Hatcher promises this won't be a Goop-ish Gwyneth Paltrow kind of a thing. It's not going to be the "Teri Hatcher show" where only wealthy women with lot of time on their hands, hot rock-star husbands and an organic farmer's market right down the block will benefit (sorry Gwynnie). Instead, Hatcher will share anecdotes from her real life, fumbles and all, and says:

I just want to create a go-to respite for women where they can find a shoulder to lean on. I hope what you get from it is a sense of honesty, candidness and the understanding that wacky things happen to all of us. I love to get at problems through humor. Humor: The Language of Intimacy

While at first glance Hatcher might seem like an out-of-left-field choice for such a pursuit, she did pen the 2006 memoir/self-help book Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life and opened up about suffering childhood sexual abuse by an uncle.

Will you log onto 'Get Hatched' when it launches?