Fear of the Other Woman

Fear of the Other Woman
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Bitch.  Skank.  Homewrecker.  Whore.

It’s hard out there for a mistress.

At first, it’s fun to pore over the salacious details of love triangles, whether in popular culture or our real lives.  Wondering whether all men stray, contemplating whether a woman should take a cheater back; all strangely entertaining conversation topics for us ladies.  Besides, picking apart the “other woman” in order to confirm the myriad ways the wife is better offers gals both solidarity and a false sense of security.

Because the truth is, the mistress of Sandra Bullock’s old man, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, and her counterparts in the real world scare the shit out of us.

Knowing there are legions of lusty, busty carnivorous ladies whose most desired romantic snack is some other woman’s husband or boyfriend is enough to make even the most poised female shake in her boots.  We see her coming from a mile away: the gal who gets her kicks from securing the attention of every male in the room, who relentlessly pursues attached men like a cat preys on mice, who uses her carefully constructed feminine wiles to manipulate some poor sap right out of his pants.  These are women without boundaries or a sense of propriety, girls who can’t seem to get their self-worth from anything other than boys.

We know they’re out there and know how hard it must be for a guy to tell them, “no thanks, I’m good.”

My Big Ex was tempted by a Bombshell McGee.  She was a hair-flipping, mini-skirt-wearing giggle monster who worked at his company.  Although the gal had a limited range of interests and considered TV Guide heavy reading, she was the wet dream of all the men in the office.  But Giggles only had eyes for my guy.  If he gave in, I knew the fling would mean nothing and he’d regret it.  I also knew we’d have a giant mess to clean up.  All I could do was stay out of his way and hope he did the right thing.

Still, it was no fun having Giggles talk over me at parties or follow my man around the room.  All I wanted was to pull her aside and ask, “Why are you doing this?  Do you know how bad this’ll feel when it happens to you?  Because believe me, girlfriend, this will happen to you.”

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