Kate Winslet Dumps Model Boyfriend

Kate Winslet Louis Dowler

The actress calls it quits with model Louis Dowler after four months. Now, that was fast!

In what has to be a pretty abrupt end to a quickie match-up, it looks like Kate Winslet's gotten hot British model Louis Dowler out of her system.

According to what we're reading in The Daily Mirror, the Oscar-winning actress parted ways with Louis after a brief four months of dating. The story being told is that she's "very grateful" to him but wants to focus on her work and her children.

Well, well, well. That was certainly pretty fast! Sure, Kate is entitled to have a little fun and we are definitely all for it. But it came and went so fast and almost immediately after her divorce from hubby Sam Mendes. (Quite a busy year for Kate.)

What sums it up pretty nicely here is what a source told The Daily Mirror about the couple: "Louis was just what Kate needed after her split from Sam and they had a wonderful time which helped her move on."

Given the timing of all this, we're going to have to rule this as the ultimate rebound move for Kate. After all, what's that they say? The best way to get over someone is to take up with someone new? We'll have to say she did quite well with that one by landing the likes of a hottie like Louis. Yum indeed!

We say good for Kate. If you're going to have a little fun, might as well do it with a hot British model by your side, right?

Photo Credit: INF