Calling All Men! 10 Gifts Your Lady Secretly Wants

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6. The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary Collection. She grew up idolizing Liesel and still knows "You Are 16" (and every other song) by heart. Now The Sound of Music has been digitally remastered and and jam-packed with never-before-seen features, from screen tests to interviews. Give her this box set and you won't just be giving her a DVD—you'll be giving her a piece of her childhood. Oh, plus a hand-painted music box, trivia quizzes and virtual maps, and the sing-along that she's always wanted. And that's just the beginning. An especially great gift for a mom, as she can share her memories with the next generation. Dare we say it'll be her favorite thing? (, $59.99)

7. Diana Mini. Meet Diana: She's retro and cool and she takes fun, artsy photos. Sounds a little like your gal? Well, then she'll love to trade in her digital camera every now and then and go back to 35 mm. But not jut any 35 mm. The Diana Mini takes square format photos, or she can get a little crazy and take Half-Frame shots. Either way the itsy bitsy Diana Mini, with her endless capabilities (long exposures, multiple exposure, and more photography fun) will help her tap into her artistic side, and get funky with gorgeous, retro shots. (, $54.95)

8. A Tiffany necklace. Let us be frank: She sees that little blue box under the tree and you're... Well, you're likely getting more than a thank-you hug. But before you freak out, not everything from the famous Tiffany & Co. has to break the bank. The line has a range of items for around $100. You can't go wrong with the classic Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant, but we're partial to the Tiffany Notes Alphabet disc charm pendant. It's simple, it's elegant, and all her friends don't already have it. (, $115; heart pendant $125)

9. Lingerie. So you'd like to get her a pretty little thing you'll both enjoy? Move carefully in this territory: While the right thing will have her feeling sexy (and in the mood), an ill-fitting piece may just leave her feeling insecure and unhappy. The best idea, check her lingerie drawer (a chore, we know) to figure out what she likes—and more importantly what size she wears—and move forward from there. A silky pair of French knickers is always a good choice, and a baby doll is great if she's self-conscious about her belly. Or go for something that doesn't require a size, like these silk Spoylt cuffs, and tool belt, which comes with a blindfold and wrist-ties. When in doubt get help: The gal at your local lingerie store should have some suggestions. (, Infatuation cuffs, $52; seduction tool belt, $62.50)

10. Personalized Coffee Table Book. What's more touching than turning your relationship into a high quality coffee table book? Simply cull her favorite photos, log on to Blurb, and use their magic, easy-to-use software to put together a beautiful book that will sit on your coffee table for years to come. Don't know where to begin? How about finally putting together that honeymoon album she's been talking about for years? Or sort through the photos she's always taking of the kids and create a retrospective. You could even skip the photo route altogether and create a custom cookbook. Get her mom, her sister, her girlfriends to send in their favorite recipes and put them altogether for her. Come to think of it, you could print multiple copies of that book, and her friends’ men would be forever indebted to you. (, from $22.95)

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Ladies, help a guy (and his wife or girlfriend) out and tell us: Which gift is your favorite? If you don't like any of 'em, what would you want instead?

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