World's Tallest Couple Made "Official" In California

shadow of tall couple on sand
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The Guinness Book says they're the tallest couple around; we're skeptical.

You ever see a really tall dude and a woman of average to less-than-average height and catch yourself thinking: "How in the world do they show their physical love for one another!? I mean, the angles are just terrible and, if things are proportional, he could kill her! My God, I can't stop picturing their awkward, frenzied and possibly dangerous copulation!" We've all thought that. Every one of us. Especially after finding out about Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere.

At any rate, one couple has finally decided to take our imaginative skittishness into account. Maybe they both hit late growth spurts, or maybe they have a little thing called empathy for us little people (note: by "little people," I'm referring to people who aren't exceptionally tall... not to dwarves or midgets or Hobbits). Whatever the case, Californians Wayne and Laurie Hallquist made it official seven years ago, but the Guinness Book Of World Records only just made it official   this year, per Reuters.

The bridegroom, Mr. Wayne Hallquist, tips the scales at 6'10.4" and the wife, Mrs. Laurie Hallquist, measures a cool 6'5.95". Together, they make for one fun totem pole. The Guinness Book claims that 13 feet and 4.35 inches is the tallest combined couple on this planet (because even two really short people from Pandora would be taller). And frankly, I'm surprised that an average of 6'7.175" is the tallest pair. Were Shaq (7'2") and Chantelle Anderson (6'6") to get it on, they'd average it out at 6'10".

In summary, I believe the Guinness Book may be mistaken, and it's only a matter of time before two power forwards decide they'd rather be power bottoms and blow this 6'7" average right out of good book.

Would you date a dude much taller than you? Would you date a man shorter than you?