Online dating and critical thinking

Online dating and critical thinking

One of my single friends was concerned about online
dating because she heard you could meet a lot of creeps on dating sites. I
asked her if she had ever met creeps in a bar. She said she had. I asked her if
she had ever met creeps at parties. She said she had. I asked her if she had
ever met creeps at weddings. Guess what? She had. The point is you can meet
creeps anywhere. Online dating sites don’t have exclusive rights to them.


People think that online dating sites aren’t
safe.  If you’ve ever tried crossing at a pedestrian crosswalk in any
major city, you’ll find that’s not safe either. Personally, when it comes to
online dating, I think you have to use good judgment just as you would in any
other aspect of your life. As far as safety and online dating is concerned, I
think one of the most unsafe practices people do is sitting at a computer
chatting to online suitors for hours at a time and not giving their eyes a much
needed rest from the screen.


I’ve heard countless times that people lie on
dating sites. Really? My take is that people lie offline and online. Strangers
have lied to me when they’ve said I can finally get my turn on the weight
machine after “ this one quick set”. Friends have lied countless times when
they’ve said, “you cooked a great meal” (like the time I added garlic to what
turned out to be pancake batter.)  My mother lied effortlessly when she
said “your passport photo isn’t that bad, dear”. People lie outside of dating
sites so there’s a good chance people will lie on dating sites. The thing to
remember is that not everyone lies and few people lie all the time.


My feeling is that you need to reconsider the
generalities you make about online dating while also considering the

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