Why You're Better Off Dating A Nerd

dating a nerd

Nerds are not a separate species. One self-described nerd is tired of the stereotypes.

A recent issue of a woman's magazine instructed their readers to date "nerds."

The article read like it was written by a bunch of mean girl anthropologists in little black dresses who just discovered a whole new species of men. They seemed so happy to find guys who weren't smug investment bankers, aging jocks, or sociopathic musicians. The Frisky: Where All The Good Guys Are

But by their definition, a nerd is a scrawny, wheezing, socially awkward savant utterly devoted to any woman who pays him even the slightest attention. That's not a nerd. That's a Mole Person. A shut-in with Mommy issues. Human veal.

Allowing these sorority girl scribblers to explain nerds is like asking a Klingon to explain The Force. I am qualified to characterize what a nerd is, namely because I am a nerd. [Obviously.—Editor Amelia] An alpha nerd. I love what I love, and I own it. An alpha nerd can love Lord of the Rings, and the company of women. The two are not mutually exclusive. The Frisky: How Do We Avoid The Friend Zone?

I can't be in a relationship with a woman who is only into makeup, diets, and marriage. I'm sure there are men out there who can be, much the way I know there are women who only want dudes who are into banking, saunas, and not working. The Frisky: To Settle Or Not To Settle

A nerd is someone who is very passionate about very specific things. In some ways, most men are nerds. I know plenty of baseball nerds. World War II History nerds. I have a friend who's a total gun nerd—he collects and refurbishes Civil War-era muskets. He also has a sizable arsenal of handguns, rifles, and I'm headed to his bunker when the dead start to rise. The Frisky: MERRIme, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating